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Plumbing group services

Bathroom Renovations

Whatever your renovation needs we can help you. From a replacement of a basin to a full bathroom renovation we can arrange the complete job and even arrange a reliable builder.

Tap Servicing and Replacement

We service all types of taps. Should you have a leaking kitchen sink mixer that is over 5 years old that is leaking we suggest that the mixer be replaced as due to the heavy usage and the likelihood of the tap being worn out and not be worth repairing. Our vans are always stocked with spare mixers.

Hot Water Replacement

Does you hot water system need to be replaced?
We can supply and install electric, solar, heat-pump and gas hot water systems. We can arrange the complete job from draining and dumping of the old unit to installation on the new unit, connection of power or gas supply, installation of all valves needed to copy with the QBCC requirements.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation & Testing

Do you have a Backflow Prevention Device that needs testing annually? We can preform these test and submit the report to the Local Council at a economical rate and can book it into our annual schedule so you don't have to worry about it not being done.

Gas Fitting and Gas Appliance Repairs

Ash is our Gas Fitter who specialises in gas installations and repairs to gas cooktops, gas ovens, gas heaters, gas water heaters and commercial appliances.

Drain Camera and Locator

With the Drain Camera we are able to inspect the inside of the drains to locate any reasons for the line to block. Then with our specialised Locator we are able to pin point the position and depth of the damage making the repair easier and more cost effective.

Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaner

A high tech drain cleaner that can go up to 100metres down drains and able to clear the hardest of blockages with the minimum disruption.

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